March 2021

Lovely Lille

Lille reminded me of a mini-Paris.

Biking the Windy City blue it resembled the Caribbean Sea.

A Chicago Teen

We remembered the day you made us parents...

All About the Abbey

The Abbey is spooky and magnificent.


...the national language of Luxembourgish.

Gaasbeek Castle

All the kids had a spooky time.

The Royal Greenhouses

Plus it was raining and it was mainly indoors.

En Champagne

We left the Dom in Champagne.

Easter in Brussels

The sun even made a bright appearance.

Sunny Barcelona

The brightly lit streets are full of revelers.

England by the Sea

Floralia Brussels

The sun shone brightly in Belgium.

Paris Playgrounds

Move to Paris immediately...

Kids Meet Paris

After a stop at one of many patisseries...

Sort of Winter

Merry Swissmas

We went to bed all warm and cozy.

Leaving the EU

Jolly Holiday

London before the holidays...

Disneyland Paris

It was worth it!

Go Dutch

We had a different type of fun.